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Since 2008, we have been designing album covers for Mercury-nominated Jazz group, Led Bib. This year sees the release of two new albums, The People in Your Neighbourhood, and limited edition vinyl, The Good Egg.

Led Bib – The Good Egg album artwork

The Good Egg is a limited-edition live album. We wanted to constrain ourselves by creating individual, limited-edition artworks inspired by each track on the album. We created a set of painted eggs, decorated within the length of each track. For example, with Shapes and Sizes, we were allowed 9 minutes, 29 seconds to paint the egg.

The People in your Neighbourhood was funded by Kickstarter with the promise that every donor would be thanked in the album notes. Given the inspiration for the album’s title was a segment on Sesame Street whereby a different member of the community introduces themselves and what they do for a living, we decided to create a brass plate with all of the occupations of the community that helped make the album.

For 2011's Bring Your Own, we chose found objects from all over East London (from where the band hail), using a technique of association developed by French writers involved in the Oulipo movement, called S+7. The technique suggests replacing a noun (or in this case, an object) with the seventh noun after it in a dictionary. We started with the track titles and applied the +7 technique, resulting in a set of objects that feel quite disparate, while strongly relating back to the original roots of the music.

To reflect the process Led Bib used to compose Sensible Shoes, we worked with the same method to generate the artwork for the album. We set up nine structures using materials from our studio including chalk, photographs and post-it notes. The structures were then left in an urban setting for two days, the same time Led Bib spent improvising in the studio. Some of the structures transformed, some were destroyed and some were  untouched; the results of the before and after became the artwork for the album.

“Sun Ra didn’t die in vain”, to quote The Times in relation to Led Bib Live. We designed the album sleeve to express the unpredictable and organic nature of the band’s sound, using layered, monochrome images of wild animals spiralling across the album cover to achieve this. The packaging of the album was created from a single sheet of paper, which was then folded down to house the individual CD. To contrast with the black and white imagery, we designed a simple, bold yellow CD face and matching sticker to fasten the cover.